To mask or not

I’m currently unsure what to think about the Corona virus. I have a box of masks with me but really not sure how effective they are at protecting me. The further I have travelled the more masks are prevalent. As I write this I’m sitting in Bangkok airport where I’m in the minority without a mask.

I’ve just had my temperature taken on the way through security. It’s kinda made things a bit more real. I am keeping my distance from others and the planes so far have been pretty empty with a full row to myself from Dublin to Moscow as well as Moscow to Bangkok.

I think whilst I’m on the islands I’ll be pretty safe from catching anything. The information out there is so varied. Even if I do catch it, it should be no more than a flu.

I have been following the extra hand washing advice and an very aware of just how many times a day I touch my face. It’s a lot!!

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