Getting from A to B (or ‘Belfast’ to ‘Bangkok’ in my case )

Waking up today to the news that President Trump has closed the USA to mainland European flights due to the Corona Virus. Not sure of the logistics but it does make me wonder what lies ahead.

My Yoga school has also sent a message to tell us that Thailand has excluded some countries from their Visa on arrival scheme adding to the belief that more countries are going to close their borders to tourists. I feel like I might just make it out on time.

Am I wise to leave? Listening to my work colleagues it’s a resounding NO. However never one to let life drag me down I’m going ahead even with today’s examples of why I shouldn’t.

This morning I woke up to a message from my credit card company telling me my card had been used fraudulently and it would have to be cancelled. This is the main card I use abroad and this news couldn’t have come at a worse time! A couple of calls later and they have been able to find me a workaround. I’m still going.

Usually we drive to the airport in Dublin which is about 2 hours away. Due to the length of time I’m away it made no sense to keep the car parked for that length of time and I got the bus from Belfast to Dublin airport. I was getting dropped off a little earlier than I had planned but glad I got the bus an hour earlier as 20 mins away from the airport the bus broke down. The only option was waiting for the bus which was an hour behind. We didn’t have to wait too long until another airport bus came along and we jumped on it. I’m still going.

Check in went smoothly but the airport is eerily empty although that could do with the flight being a lot later than I’m used to. Sandwich meal deal sorted am I’m sitting at the gate ready for my flight.

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