It’s my Birthday! (week)

Not for a moment did I believe I would be sitting at home for my birthday, specially not a milestone birthday.

Flights have been booked for a while but this pandemic has brought many challenges to my confidence of actually being on the flight.

My dates and airport have changed as well as advice to isolate after holiday and the impact of an international travel ban in England affecting flights in NI.

But I made it!! I can’t say it was stress free but I’m here.

Why wouldn’t I just want to stay at home and allow my party to go ahead?

Well I like to run away… Away from conflict, away from awkward conversations away from anything that makes me feel uncomfortable, and the thoughts of a 40th birthday party sure makes me feel uncomfortable.

Oh and the fact that we can’t actually have a birthday party so I may as well have a socially distanced solo party in the sun☀️

Can’t keep a count of the amount of times I’ve been asked why I go away by myself.

I like to travel! If I only ever travelled when I have a travel partner I’d be sitting around the house for quite some time.

It’s good to be happy with your own company and even better to have the confidence to get through some of the travel obstacles by yourself.

Although Sangria, crisps and dip don’t quite taste the same without company.

I had today all planned out, a 2 hour yacht trip with Prosecco but Mr. Weather had other ideas and due to the wind the trip has been cancelled. Being the forever optimist that I am at least I’ve now got a spare 50 euro to my name.

I met a friend for lunch and we had birthday cake at the beach.

I’ve had a great week. The sun has been shining and I borrowed and then hired a bike. My borrowed bike wasn’t quite up to the mileage but it got me through my first couple of days.

The bike hire place was on the ball with an ugly ass saddle but comfy as hell.

The riding here is awesome it felt a little like Mars with massive lava rocks and then nothing but desert.

If you don’t fancy off road then there’s miles of tarmac seemingly going nowhere.

I’ve spent my days biking and most evenings walking or enjoying Yoga on the patio. It’s been a very relaxing week.

I appreciate many people are not comfortable with the movement of people around the world at this time and a month or so ago I was of that opinion. Not sure if my view has shifted or that I just needed to get away.

Cases on the island are very low and all tourists arriving onto the Canary Islands must arrive with a negative covid19 test, no older than 72 hours. I’m not one for socialising and have spent most of the time outside or solo in the villa, coming into contact with very few people.

In the airport I ensured I sat away from everyone else and stood away from others whilst boarding. I wiped down my seating area and was lucky to have a free space in the middle seat.

I’m not sure when I will travel again as this year has allowed me to appreciate all that I have on my doorstep. It has opened numerous local doors and I’ve had a great summer in Northern Ireland.

I suppose the drop in temperature pushed me towards a warmer climate birthday. I definitely don’t regret my decision but I also don’t know how well I’ve done at avoiding a fuss. Let’s hope I make it home on Sunday and am not greeted by my face on a birthday banner!

Whatever your own travel decisions, stay safe and healthy out there. Let’s hope travel isn’t on hold forever.

I hope I can again share amazing travel experiences and appreciate stunning sunsets. The world is there to be explored. I’ve plenty of years left in me yet.

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