Portugalete to Castro Urdiales-28km

I’m not gonna lie to you. This is gonna be pretty much doom and gloom. Yesterday we had a lovely intro to the Camino. Not nice to look at through the industrial area but a good distance to break us in at 16km.

We woke up to the sound of Sam’s French horn alarm which she couldn’t figure out how to turn off which pretty much woke up the whole hostel at 615am. After a breakfast of oats and bananas we were off.

The least enjoyable parts of the Camino have been any walks through cities and the first few km had us walking with rush hour traffic. We did however get to see the sun rise.

Sunrise over Portugalete

Once out of the city the walk was easy to follow and although we veered off from the route on the app we were able to follow the yellow arrows pretty easily.

Yellow way markers

Our first 12 km took us to Las Arenas beach. We stopped for a break but didn’t get to go into the water as walking wet did not appeal to us.

Las Arenas pit stop

Just outside of Las Arenas we hit the never ending steps, this was the first of many nearly crying moments.

Testing our mental strength

We had lots of opportunities to take pictures and do a little messing around.

Climbing wall

We started to hit the 20km wall just as we were crossing onto the coastal path.

Coastal views

Luckily we were greeted by this shortcut which made us smile.

The next 6km are basically a blur. I can only remember lots more climbing and when we eventually got to our destination town we knew we had to walk to the other end of it to get to the hostel which only had 16 beds and if we didn’t get one we would have to walk back into town again. We both looked at each others stride and Sam’s told me she was feeling as broken as I was and that we would never make it to the other side of town. A quick booking.com search got us a hotel bed for the night.

Uphill struggles

We can both remember how we arrived and walked past all the locals in the bars having a drink and wondered what they thought about a constant trickle of broken people arriving in their town.

A shower and a change and we were kinda ready to explore. We headed down to the harbour and made use of all the photo opportunities.

Being tourists
Harbour panoramic

After promising that the pizza shop wasn’t too far away he headed out for dinner.

Pizza Bolognese

Cold bath for the feet and a great nights sleep set us up for an amazing next day.


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