What work goes into budget friendly travel?

I’ll start off by saying that travelling at Halloween is by no means budget friendly but as Stephen’s sister is tied to school holidays we wanted to make a visit to Portugal work.

We have the flexibility of flying out of either Belfast or Dublin and arriving into Lisbon or Faro, so of course this would take some planning. With these options you should never just put in a return flight from Belfast for example as you are not getting the bigger picture here.

I started by checking for one way flights to get us to Portugal

  • Belfast to Lisbon
  • Belfast to Faro
  • Dublin to Lisbon
  • Dublin to Faro
Let’s get to Portugal

The best deal we got here and it’s a cracker was Belfast to Faro with Ryanair for £15 each!

To get us home is a sadder story. First up the research

  • Faro to Dublin
  • Lisbon to Dublin
  • Faro to Belfast
  • Lisbon to Belfast
Let’s just stay in Portugal

The cheapest flight home was £122 into Dublin direct however then we face the how do we get home problem due to us leaving from Belfast. Usually we park our car in Dublin if we are booking a return flight.

In the end we opted to fly from Lisbon to London Luton then onto Belfast for about a tenner more just for convenience. This means we can either leave car parked in Belfast airport or get my amazing daughter to collect us.

All in all we have 5 nights in Portugal for £165 for flights. Not bad for Halloween holidays really.

I must note that we have managed to get the Ryanair flight at such a great price as it is the last flight flying to Faro from Belfast international before they remove the service.

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